Meeting Charlie


This story is about four furry best friends. A wolf cub, a bunny kit, a fawn and a young squirrel who love to play and learn new things together.

One day they discover a secret path which they decide to follow. The trail leads to a wooden house with a green garden and lots of flowers. In the house lives an old but very kind lady, named Mischa.

The animals are very curious and silently sneak inside through an open window. Mischa is sitting in an old rocking chair reading the paper, with her cat sleeping in her lap. The friends pass by unnoticed and discover a secret door that leads up to an old attic.

Up in the attic they meet Charlie, Mischas grandchild. Together they find a mysterious chest. Inside the chest they discover items that give the animal friends magical powers. They have not only found a lifelong friend but also items that give them magical powers. Together they are going to accomplish extraordinary achievements. Meeting Charlie will change their lives forever.  



Edward is a playful and very brave little wolf cub. His magic power is that he can run as fast as the wind when he has his feather necklace on. 

Nova is a young fawn, she is very cool and bit clumsy and she loves to eat. Her magic power is that she can fly when she puts on her wings.

Peggy is an impatient but very kind bunny kit that laughs a lot.  Her magic power is that she can become invisible when she puts her tiara on. 

Allan is a young squirrel that likes to solve problems. When he puts his round glasses on, he can almost see and hear everything.