Meet Charlie and her friends

This story is about four small animals that become friends. A wolf, a rabbit kid, a deer skid and a small squirrel who loves to play together and find on bus.

One day they discover a secret path that they choose to follow. The path leads to a blue wooden house with a thriving garden. Here Mischa, a kind old gum, with his cat.

The friends become very curious and sneak into the house through an open window. The old gum is sitting in a rocking chair and reading the newspaper. Without being discovered, they take silently past and see a door that turns out to lead up to a wind.

Up on the wind, they hit Charlie, Mischa's grandchildren. Together they find a mysterious coffin and inside the coffin discovers the things that give them magical powers. The friends have found, not just a lifelong friendship, but also magical powers. Together they will experience amazing adventures.


Edward is a playful and brave little warning. His magical power is that he can run quickly as the wind when he has his spring necklace on itself.

Nova is a deer skid that is cool, clumsy and who loves to eat . Her magical power is that she can fly when she puts on her wings.

Peggy is an impatient but very kind rabbit kid that laughs a lot. Her magical power is that she can become invisible when she puts on her tiara.

Allan is a squirrel that likes to solve problems. When he puts on his glasses he can see almost everything.