About us

The founders of Charlie Tells are the old childhood friends Johanna Englundh Edlund and Sophia Linderstam. They dreamed of creating something together where they both had the opportunity to do what they are passionate about. Johanna is a designer and Sophia is an artist. Sophia paints all prints by hand in watercolor.

We wanted to create a brand for children with a basic story. By creating Charlie Tell's fairytale world, the child can take part in our story and characters in a book, such as stuffed animals, on our clothes, posters and postcards. The child can follow his favorite character, carry it and play with it. A lifestyle concept for children and parents instead of products that are consumed and later forgotten.

We work with fine soft qualities and have high demands on comfort and design. Many of our fabrics are organic and we only work with suppliers who have good conditions and conditions in their factories.

Charlie Tell's world is constantly evolving and we are happy to welcome you on our journey.